Transformation Eye Cream


This patented mid-weight eye-cream advances healing and repair for dramatic skin rejuvenation benefits.

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Transformation Eye Cream utilizes ingredients specifically tailored to signal certain activities, including the rebuilding and repair of damaged cells, to maintain and augment the appearance of youthful, healthy skin. Transformation Eye Cream is suitable for any skin type and benefits the thinner, more age-prone eye area to dramatically lessen the visible signs of aging. Available in a 1/2 oz. jar.

Key Ingredients:

  • TGF ?-1
  • Epidermal Growth Factor
  • Thymosin ?-4
  • Anti-Aging Peptides
  • Hyaluronic Acid

Features & Benefits:

  • Unique lubricating and hydrating factors bond to skin surrounding the eye area, enabling delicate skin to cope with movement and environmental exposure
  • Dramatically benefits the thinner age-prone eye area
  • Excellent all around eye cream for AM or PM use
  • Ideal for post-procedure due to healing and repairing properties

Usage Instructions

Apply sparingly morning and evening to lower eyelids and across brow bone.