jennyAt Skin Kandy we use Jan Marini for facials and peels which use the most modern ingredients and technology in their products.?Jan Marini Skin Research is known for creating breakthrough product solutions and dramatic technological advancements. Jan Marini targets anti-aging, hyper pigmentation, acne, rosacea and generally clearing sun-damaged, dehydrated skin. Choose from our variety of facials and peels for younger, healthier more hydrated skin.

We have done a mini Q + A below with one of our regular facial clients and with our beauty therapist Emer in order to inform you on the true power of the facial.


Q + A with our regular Skin Kandy client Jenny:

Q. How often would you treat your skin to a facial?

A.?Not as often as I would like, I made a 2016 resolution to try to have a facial once every 3 months and I am hoping to stick to this.


Q. Which facial do you usually go for?

A.?The one and only C-Esta Jan Marini facial, what makes it so good is a combination of the products and my amazing therapist Emer from Skin Kandy


Q. How do you find the experience during your facial?

A.?Extremely relaxing, I try to plan them as late in the evening as possible and always sleep amazingly that night.


Q. How does your skin feel after the facial?

A.?Real smooth and soft and it GLOWS! I have never really had comments on my skin before getting the C-Esta facials but as soon as I have one I am guaranteed someone will comment that my skin is glowing!


Q. What do you feel are the benefits to your skin from having regular facials?

A.?I definitely think they help plump up my skin and improve the overall texture and tone of my skin



Q + A with Skin Kandy beauty therapist Emer:

Q.?Why are facials important for skincare?

A. Facials will cleanse your pores on a much deeper level, similar to going and getting a dental clean! There is more exfoliation in Jan Marini facials than you would do at home yourself. This paves the way for enhanced penetration of products such as serums and creams, and also helps to retain moisture in the skin. Also, people underestimate the power of facial massage for lines, muscle tone and brightness.


Q.?Why should I add them to my skincare routine?

A. They will greatly enhance your skin care results. It also allows for the opportunity to be educated on skin care by your therapist. The do’s, don’ts and no ways!


Q.?How often should I get a facial?

A. This depends on a few things. The current condition of your skin, what you would like to achieve and of course your budget. You can really get facials as often as you like, but the most important thing is your skin care routine at home, on a daily basis. Regular facials every 4 ? 6 weeks will maintain optimal skin health, delay the signs of ageing and aid relaxation.


Q. What are the different kind of facials?

A. Jan Marini do a few different facials which focus on a lot of exfoliation with enzymes & fruit acids, suitable for all skin types. Different serums and masks such as the C-Esta range (Vit C) and retinol products (Vit A) are used depending on the skin type and concern. Glycolic skin peels are also available for people who are serious about improving their skin quite quickly. These are very powerful, and the correct home care needs to be used for a minimum of 2 weeks before your 1st peel, to minimise any down time.

Q. How do I know which kind of facial will be best for my skin?

A. A skin consultation will determine what is best suited for your skin. Many people complain of having a very mixed or combination skin type and sometimes don’t know which would work best for them. This is where your therapist will help with the decision.


Q. What should I expect during the facial?

A. The beauty about the Jan Marini facials is that because there is so many products with enzymes and fruit acids, it will feel like there is an awful lot of facial massage. Which is a bonus! Not only is this excellent for brightness and blood circulation to your facial muscles and skin tone, it will feel amazing. We use facial steam when required and hot towels to aid in relaxation. While the mask is on, we perform a chest, shoulder and neck massage – I always say that no matter how good the skin products are, the person will always rate the experience by the massage.


Q. What should I expect after the facial?

A. Because Jan Marini Skin Research works at cellular level and is medically graded, your skin will immediately look brighter, feel smoother and more hydrated. If you need extractions your skin may be slightly red but this goes within the day. The same applies to Glycolic skin peels, mild redness can be present but nothing that will make you want to stay indoors!

Q. How do I make the most of my facial in between appointments?

A. The products you use everyday is so important. I usually compare it to going to the gym ? You can go to the gym, and invest time and money working out, but if your diet is poor and you don’t eat the right foods then you aren’t going to see the same benefits. This also applies to your skin. If you use the correct products at home, then you will get so much more out of your facials, and vice versa.


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