I have suffered with acne since I was a teenager with my most problematic areas being my jaw line and my cheeks. I have tried numerous skin care products over the years including Dermalogica and La Roche Posay.Once I started using the products I could immediately see and feel an improvement, and within 8 weeks of consistent usage my skin felt rejuvenated and the aggressive breakouts had more or less stopped. I am a huge fan of the Skin Care Management System and would highly recommend it to anyone who suffers with their skin. I have found Emer to be a really reliable point of contact and source of knowledge concerning the products, and she has been really helpful with any questions I have had.


Keelin Ingoldsby

I’ve been a faithful Jan Marini ?customer for nearly a year now. This 5 Step program cleared my skin in a matter of weeks. I was impressed with the results! All the products absorb quickly and are very lightweight. I have normal to oily skin and this works great. I was also VERY pleased to know that this brand does not test on animals. I am hooked on Jan Marini products and will keep this as my go to skin regimen

Fiona Jacob

I LOVE the Jan Marini regime, my skin is so much better. Most of the time it’s completely clear (and that’s in the winter too) and even if I get a spot or two they’re not bad and gone in a day or two. I’m a new woman.

Sally Low

I’ve been using the Jan Marini Skin Care Management System for the last 18 months and my skin has never looked or felt so great! I suffered from acne in my late teens and have since been prone to problematic skin. Having tried numerous unsuccessful products I became disheartened and sceptical but I have a newfound confidence in my complexion thanks to Jan Marini! I especially love the cesta serum as it’s so hydrating. I strongly recommend Jan Marini for anyone who wants to revitalise their skin – I can’t live without it!

Ciara Hegarty

I have suffered with spots since I was a teenager. I tried many different products but nothing ever got rid of them for me. After a consultation with Emer, she recommended the Jan Marini Skin Care Management System. The jan marini products have made a brilliant difference to my skin and I would never change from them – I’ve finally found something that works for me! A friend even commented on how good my skin was!

Nicola Carmody