Spray Tan

Au Courant Tan

Full Body Spray Tan ?35; Half Body Spray Tan ?30

The world renowned tan is a synergy of French botanicals and vitamins. Au Courant Spray Tan is designed to create the most natural looking tan instantly without the strong pungent smell that comes with other tans in the market.

Exfoliate & moisturise your body regularly in the lead up to getting spray tanned. Ideally at least a week before.

Shave or wax 24 hours before your tan. This will avoid tan being removed.

Shower before getting tanned in order to wash off any deodrant, make-up and body creams that can react with the tan.

Disposable under wear is provided ? or you can wear your own ? along with a hair net, and sticky feet to avoid tan getting on the soles of your feet.

While the tan is developing, avoid wearing tight clothing such as a bra or shoes, that can leave marks. Wear loose dark clothes.

Avoid exercise and showering for at least 8 hours while your tan is developing.

Try not to touch or scratch yourself! Tan can transfer onto the palms of your hands and fingers.

When tan has been left for 8-10 hours to develop, wash the spray tan off in the shower using a shower gel, but don?t scrub!

Moisturise every morning and evening to prolong your tan. This will also encourage it to fade naturally.

When showering, pat dry.

Swimming and alcohol based products can cause your tan to fade faster.

Remember that spray tan doesn?t contain SPF, so it will not give you protection from the sun.


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