Hair Removal

Skin Kandy uses Waxperts Wax, which is especially formulated for sensitive skin and used on all areas of the body. Skin Kandy has a 'no double dipping policy'. This means that we do not re-dip the spatula back into the wax pot. So once it touches your skin it is disposed of. It eliminates any possibility of bacteria, hair or secretions being transferred back into the wax pot, and reapplied on to you or the next client. This ensures the safest and most hygienic treatment for you.


Half leg upper or lower €25
3/4 leg €30
Full leg €40
Underarm €15
Forearm €20
Full arm €25
Lip €10
Chin €10
Sides of Face €15
Nasal €15
Full Face - Nasal, lip, chin & side of face €40
Nipples €10
Buttocks €20


The Basic This is a modest bikini wax, most suitable for "Bridget Jones” underwear! €25
The Extended This is a tighter wax, more suitable for high cut underwear or swimwear. €35
The In Betweeney Not quite a Brazilian, leaving some hair on the lips (labia).
Hair is also removed from the bum. Suitable for G-string underwear.
The Brazilian Classic Brazilian wax, leaving a strip or a small triangle of hair on the front of bikini line. All the hair underneath on the lips/labia and bum is removed. €55
Hollywood Totaly bare! All hair is removed. €55

Male Waxing

Back €30
Chest €30
Shoulders €20
Back & Chest €50


Eyebrows €15
Lip €15
Chin €15
Lip & Chin €25
Side of the Face €25
Forehead €20
Full Face €60

Lash & Brow Treatment

*Patch test required prior to first treatment

Brow Shape €15
Brow Tint €10
Eye Lash Tint €15
All Three €35
Occasional Lashes €25

Red Wax