Why We Should Be Using Fruit Acids In Our Skin Care

Many people are aware or have heard about fruit acids, but can be a bit scared of using because they aren’t really sure what they do and think they are “harsh”. ?Yet they are very important for maintaining healthy, youthful skin. Let’s get to know why they are so powerful, safe and becoming frequently used in skin care products… What Are Fruit Acids? Fruit acids are referred to as Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA’s) and .

The “Shellac Wrecks Your Nails” Debate!

So many people these days say that Shellac ruins their nails, but when it is applied correctly and removed correctly, there will be no damage to your natural nails ? I genuinely believe that, I know it! So lets discuss why people think it’s damaging! First of all, I’ll be mentioning both Shellac and Gelish, because they are the 2 brands that I use and work with. The Difference between Shellac & Gelish: Shellac .